Vytautas Magnus University

Tillaga Arkís arkitektar fyrir Vytautas Magnus háskóla í Kaunas, Litháen.

Arkis architects proposal for Magnus University building in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The aim of the proposal:
Awerness in use of materials.
Linking together the past end the present.
Design a building that fits well in a peaceful and dynamic landscape of the plot.
Join together and support the multiple activities which the Univeristy is hosting.
To encourage a relationship bettween the building, the nature and the users.
Maintaining the traditions.
Sustainable building
Low-carbon (Co2) footprint

Vision - Desgin features
The Magnus University building in Kaunas is in close relationship with the city and it´s natural heritage of the surroundings. The aim of the design is to link together the past and the present in a modern building. The building boundary is influenced by the level drop of the terrain and the surrounding green areas. The shape of the interior and the south facing part of house create a referance to the rivers „Nemunas and Neris“ – as they signify the flow of people carving through the space.

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