Narbuto Street

Narbuto Street - Office Building

The design of the building is centered on the concept of maximum flexibility, convenience of use and on the goal of maximizing the effective floor area.  Hence, the core of the building is located centrally while close of the southern façade.

The proposed building is clad with a curtain wall system with colored aluminum panels at predetermined intervals to provide visual variations and rhythm in the façade.  The modern and attractive façade with colored panels is intended to give the building a distinct yet elegant character.  The colored panels refer to existing colors in the historic city of Vilnius.  The orange color references the roof tiles of the city’s historic buildings.  The yellow is a limestone-brick yellow, referring to the common brick used throughout the older neighborhood of Vilnius. 
To the south, a transparent glass wall breaks up the fabric of the curtain wall and marks the main entrance to the building and leads pedestrians from adjacent pedestrian routes to the main entry.  That pedestrian path is sheltered under and overhang of upper levels.

  • Byggingarár
  • Stærð
  • Viðskiptavinur
  • Tegund
  • 2012-
  • 5.200m2
  • ELL
  • Atvinnuhúsnæði

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