21.05 2015

First Place in Total Enterprise

Arkís in collaboratin with Verkís Engineering have made a total enterprise proposal with Trygge Barnehage for a kindergarten in Harstad, Norway.  The proposal has been evaluated agains other proposals and was awarded first place in the total enterprise.

Since 2013, Arkís and Verkís have provided consultation services for Harstad municipality.  Furthermore, the two companies have worked on various projects in Norway over the last few years.  Among those projects was a competition entry for a kindergarten in Oslo, where the team of Arkís and Verkís was awarded 3rd place.  The team has also provided services for Askim municipality on a kindergarten project.

Trygge Barnehage is a well estaplished firm in Norway, has built around 400 kindergartens and operates 160 of those buildings.